About Our Dolls

Many children do not know that they have been sexually abused and are unable to communicate with those around them. Sadly, many times children are sexually assaulted by methods of grooming (when a child is sexually abused from a young age and grows up thinking that this is normal behaviour). The dolls help counsellors, play therapists and psychologists identify what has happened to the survivor when the child starts acting out what has happened between two or more dolls.


The dolls have been created to be anatomically correct, making the identification of genital organs easy for younger survivors. They come fully equipped with vaginal and anal openings, penis, testicles and breasts. The mouth is made in such a way that the tongue can come out.


This product could help child psychologists, play therapists, rape and GBV NPOs and social workers to communicate more effectively with young survivors of sexual assault.


'Show and Tell' dolls hold many benefits to those that use them.  They aid in communication with those too young to find the words for what has happened to them.  The dolls come across as toys, thus not being intimidating to the children who will use them to describe what has happened. They see demonstrating with the dolls as playtime, taking the fear out of the situation.


The dolls are handcrafted and produced by local seamstresses. 


Dolls come fully clothed with panties/underpants, bras, decorative clothing and shoes. Their faces are hand-painted. Each and every doll is an original.


Dolls can be purchased with extra clothing and in families. The family consists of a boy and girl, mom and dad and granny and grandpa.

The designers

Christi Jackson
Denise de Villiers